Chakra and Aura Workshops

7 Chakra for Beginners

Would you like to gain more awareness about your energetic vibration, your chakras, the different layers of your aura, your merkabah?

Join Vicki in a workshop where we can find out more about our vibrational frequency and what we can do to raise that vibration in todays world.

We will learn about our seven chakras, the seven layers of our aura, how our energy system works and how it affects our physical body, how to clear, energise and balance our energy systems, the Violet Flame and how to use it on our ascension journey, and about our Merkabah.

This workshop will take approximately three hours with time for questions and some guidance on chakra healing techniques.

3 hour class

Investment: $150.00

12 5D Chakras

Advanced Chakra Activation

Would you like to take your spiritual journey to a new level?

Join Vicki in a workshop where we can find out more about how to raise your vibrational frequency and keep raising it though your ascension journey.

We will learn about the twelve 5th dimensional chakras, the Archangels overseeing them, their new colours and purpose.

Then through a guided meditation, we will anchor in and activate your fifth dimensional chakras with the higher colour frequencies as well as your 5th dimensional merkabah or light body, which will reactivate your whole range of extraordinary gifts and talents. We will also anchor in the BlueStar Seal and your own Instant Sun, which will accelerate your ascension.

Until the chakra column at 5th dimensional frequency is anchored and installed, ascension will not fully take place.

This meditation is an initiation into the 12 fifth dimensional chakras, so that you can safely bring Source energy through your body for healing and purification, then into Hollow Earth, which is the 7th dimensional chakra in the centre of the planet.

This workshop / activation will take approximately 3 hours and requires some knowledge about our chakras.

Investment: $150.00

Pre-requisite: 7 Chakra for Beginners Workshop

Chakra and Colour Therapy

Welcome to the wonderful world of Chakras discover the seven primary energy centres and how they effect your emotional and physical flow.
Be guided through a chakra balancing meditation to clear, unblock and re-align your chakras.
Learn how colours can enhance your wellbeing.
Affirmation to make positive changes to your everyday life.

Investment $250

(workbook and crystal included)
(please bring a plate of food for a shared lunch)

aura workshop

Auras for Beginners

Join Clive for this informative workshop. He has many years of experience in Auras and Energy. He will answer the following questions and more.

What is the Aura?
How to feel the Aura?
How to see the Aura?
Electrical health and wellbeing?
Refining of your sensitivity?
Pictures of Auras through world history?

Investment: TBA