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Tarot oracle readings, mediumship
Crystal Day Spa

Crystal Day Spa

Do you have questions about Crystals?

Have your Crystal questions answered. Join Lesley for a Crystal Day Spa of Healing and Learning.

She will answer some of those questions you have like:
What are the benefits of crystals?
How do you use them?
What crystals should I choose?
How do I choose a crystal and take care of it?

Tips of getting the most out of your crystals and stones.
Two Guided Meditations and experience a chakra energy balance with crystals that you can do at anytime you feel you need it.


Level 1 workshop

Connect and Discover - Level 1 - 2 day workshop

Kia ora Koutou Katoa, Hello Everyone,

Align with your natural spiritual abilities. Learn, practice and you’ll grow in confidence with what you don’t know that you already know.
* Have you been hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, or thinking things that are unexplainable?
* Do see things in or with people?
* Can you smell something is wrong or not right? With someone or something?
* Do you sense things coming and then it happens?
* Do you question whether you are seeing, feeling, knowing things or spirit, guides etc but question it?
*Do you feel drawn to go somewhere or do something but you're not sure why at the time.

This Workshop will help you:
- figure out all of the above
- help you to begin to understand a bit to a lot more about what could be happening.
-it will help you gain more confidence with the tips and tools about communicating with spiritual experiences.
- it will help you connect and discover your guides, how you can work with the angels and other deities, light beings and others
- you will learn management techniques for everyday life as much as while you explore this journey.

This is a two-day workshop for those who are new or newish or reasonably familiar and ready to take the next step to answer those questions and wonderings about this side of life. You may have an interest in communicating with Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, Angels, and Deities or looking for a bit of foundation and grounding with how you can benefit from working together.

The aim of this course is to give you some knowledge of the variety of ways of how you can communicate with spirit and vice versa, work with and manage your senses.
This is what we will cover:
* Spiritual, Self Awareness, Mindfulness
*Preparation - tools and yourself, setting up your space, opening and closing yourself and your sacred space and tools.
* Meditation
* Protection
* Clearing and Cleansing, sage, incense etc
*Energy - feel it, sensing and sending, intuition,
* Chakras, Auras, Colours,
*Clairvoyance Clairsentience, Clairaudience and the other clairs', psychometry
*Divination tools - tarot and oracle cards, pendulum, runes, crystals...
*Grounding - tools, how and why
*Meeting your current guides
*Practical work with your own cards and divination tools, psychometry, and a few exercises connecting and passing on a message or two to others in the workshop

Workshops are run over a Saturday and a Sunday
Time: 10.00am - 4pm both days

Attendance fee: $390
* includes snacks and refreshments throughout the day.
*BYO Lunch
* also includes booklets with information but please bring a pen and a notebook for notes and journaling.


Payment options are available... Eftpos, cash, credit card or Afterpay at Infinity.

Connect & Discover

Unwrap the Gift Within - 10x 1 day workshops over 5 months

Kia ora koutou katoa,
Hello Everyone,
This course is to develop your abilities confidence, skills and management with communicating with spirit. If you are exploring the possibility or have newly ventured or have been giving readings, healings or working with spirit in a similar line of work/self employment then this course is for you.

We will be working on:
*developing your connection with spirit
*your clair's , empath, psychic abilities
* practicing a variety of exercises each day we meet
*practice reading to a small audience
*practice short reading / healing sessions
*property, object and person clearings and cleansings
*symbols from spirit
*protection and so much more.

This is a practical course. Intuitively lead with some structure. I do encourage 'journaling' this amazing journey.

This is course will take place across 5 months.