Meditation is good for you! There are many kinds of meditation and they may potentially have different benefits. Many people focus on the physical benefits—improved sleep patterns, a better immune system, more ability to focus, less stress, higher pain tolerance, for example—while others may be more interested in psychological benefits, such as increased empathy, patience, focus, and so on. Another benefit that inspires people to meditate can be spiritual: the space to go deeper into their faith, a greater sense of connection and an opportunity to explore the non-material are just a few facets of the spiritual dimension.

The reason why you should meditate is very much connected to what you’re interested in developing. Once you’ve established a regular meditation practice, you may discover that meditation is benefiting you in ways that you hadn’t even imagined.

45 min Guided Meditation (includes a small talk at the start about the significance of the moon and what star sign it falls under

Please bring a cushion, bolster or yoga mat.
Chairs provided for those who prefer.

Fortnightly Meditations