Mindfully Living Classes

When you learn about Mindfulness, it is like you are BEing a scientist. You study your own self, your own mind. You study your thoughts, your feelings, your friendships, and your kindness. Like any scientist, you do experiments, and you discover things.

Perhaps you will discover there’s happiness, a quiet peaceful place, which is always within you at any given time. You might discover ways to calm yourself down when feeling anxious and lift your mood when upset, angry, or sad. You will discover ways to be kinder to yourself, others, and the world. You will learn about the brain too!
Learning more about who you are, and how to self-regulate. Shutting out monkey chatter. Learning to manage your monkey mind is one of the best things you can do to transform fear. Pay attention to how your monkeys acts - listen to them and get to know them, especially the Fear Monkey.

Take time to practice simple mindful techniques on a regular basis. Learn how to change the conversations in your head. Practice kind, loving, positive self-talk and see how it can transform your fears.

Mindfulness is feeling the sun on your skin, feeling the salty tears rolling down your cheeks, feeling a ripple of frustration in your body. Mindfulness is experiencing both joy and sadness as and when they occur, without having to do something about it or having an immediate reaction or opinion. Mindfulness practice involves lots of practice and before you know it, it becomes a natural way of BEing. Did you know that our awareness can only be in one place at a time? We can either be thinking or we can be aware of thinking and learn to shift the thoughts... are you able to be aware of your surroundings and be thinking at the same time?

Try it for yourself right now…
Think of a problem you have in your life. Spend a few moments thinking about it.

Right now, put as much of your attention as you can on your left foot. Are you able to feel your foot on the floor? Lift your foot and where does your attention go? Put your foot back to the floor, feel the connection (bet your wiggling your toes? LOL

Listen closely to any sounds you can hear around you. Spend a few moments listening. What can you hear? Now…..What happened to your problem when you are being aware of the present moment. Come learn how to put this in action, daily learning ~ Know ThySelf ~ (Into-me-see) ~ Intimacy of loving YOU. Your so worth it!!!

Your worth investing in & these resources ensures your personal wellbeing comes first, to create brighter days in the future. It is a great privilege and an honour to have the opportunity to offer knowledge and support to those who seek it.
Registrations are open now: Six-weeks ~ One evening per week - New dates coming soon

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