Ponderings with Clive

So what do you ponder about?

Imagination and wondering is a natural occurrence, that is one of the joys of the mind.

Join Clive at Infinity to cover some interesting and unusual topics that provoke your ponderings of thought. Let’s unravel and discover together some subjects you may not have even considered.

Clive is a fountain of esoteric knowledge, he has over 30 years of experience in Palmistry and Aura reading along with the Ancient 5 colour coded method. He is intuitive and well connected to Spirituality, so has many stories to tell.

See you soon for a fun and inquisitive evening of interaction to enjoy.

Face Readings

What do you see in the face of another or in yourself in the mirror?

The Face is the place of greatest expression and reflects what is going on inside of you.

There are 3 parts that reflect this expression, electrical signals that are going in, their internal processing and then what is leaving or projected outwardly.

So in looking at the face, it is like looking at a broadcast or watching an internal movie. The face is literally the projector screen.

The viewer sees and translates the internal workings via the skin, eyes and muscle tension.

So when looking at this screen, what is that movie joined to? What is causing that broadcast on the movie screen?

In health terms the face will show imbalances and interference within the body and what it is connected to ie: parts of the organs and their relationship.

Health and reviewing are witnessed, and this can be seen in the 5 fold colour system of white, red, blue, yellow and green, The spectrum and the 4 elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

So how do you read a face? How do you understand the connection between the inner movie and the outward screen?

Come and Join Clive to find out more, to ponder and discuss.

Other Ponderings to come...