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The Stone of  Wealth and Abundance

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The Stone of  Wealth and Abundance
Over 70 million years old, Ammolite is a rare opal like organic gemstone made from the fossilised shells of Ammonites, which in turn were mostly composed of Aragonite, the same as pearls. One of the biogenic gemstones which includes Amber and Pearl.
Legend tells of a Blackfoot woman who discovered the stone. During a particular harsh winter, the buffalo had disappeared and the tribe was starving. She heard beautiful singing and followed it to an ammolite stone under a cottonwood tree. The stone told her it was powerful medicine and if she took it back it would provide food for the Blackfoot. She did so and the next morning a large herd of buffalo where seen outside the camp. After that the Blackfoot used the stone in buffalo hunting ceremonies, wrapping it in a medicine bundle of buffalo hide. Ever since it has commonly been referred to as the ‘Buffalo Stone’ as it signifies wealth and abundance.

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