ReCode - Wendy Maggs

Wendy Maggs
Recode Belief Clearing

ReCode Belief Clearing

Upgrade your life with your unique, DIVINELY Inspired TRUTH received in your ReCode session. Feel better about yourself, make changes you want and reach your goals and dreams.

ReCode, is an effective Spirit led process that bypasses the mind, intuitively connects you with Spirit, Source, God, who gently brings to light and heals, painful memories where restricting skewed beliefs, or 'lies' about self, were formed.

Your heart agreed, DIVINELY inspired TRUTH shifts low energy lies and beliefs, sacks your inner critic and returns you to harmony and balance - body, soul and spirit. Feel the shift and see yourself differently, through the lenses of truth.

Heart agreed TRUTH is POWERFUL, high frequency, creative energy that washes away low frequency lies and limitations. Helping you return to peace, love and acceptance of self, it empowers you to live more victoriously and abundantly, feeling better about self and others, more confident, fearless and secure.

Remember, we attract a frequency match to the frequency signal we transmit out. Truth is a high frequency that 'cancel clears' Karma cycles. It energetically upgrades your whole life, enabling you to be your highest self and create your highest choices, attracting amazing things.

TRUTH means living in integrity, to be INTEGRATED, mind, body, spirit, in harmony - wholeness, authentically you, divinely creating from your highest self.

What people are saying:
My limiting beliefs are no more, I'm even recovering from the skin picking addiction!! I feel much more confident and connected to my true higher self! Anna

You have such a beautiful calming energy within your space I feel heard and safe and empowerment. Suexx

Quantum Energy Readings

Quantum Energy Readings

Healy Quantum Scans - support your wellness with frequencies!
Scan options:
• Find your unique Crystal frequencies
• Bach Flowers
• Aura Readings
• Chakra Readings

iTOVi - Wellness scanner sends specific frequencies into the body to determine what essential oils have the right frequency match that may help the return of your natural balance and harmony.

Full ReCode sessions may be suggested to help support and recode emotional wounds.