Regular Events

Wairua Wellness Hour

Wairua Wellness

Nau mai haere mai

Join Renee & friends in a judgement free space every Friday

An hour dedicated to your spiritual wellbeing. Come and learn and experience breath work, karakia, moon cycles, intuition practice, qi gong, mindfulness to name a few.

Weekly classes - Fridays 11am (during School Terms)
$15 per session per person

Guided Meditation


Meditation is taking the time to simply stop and be with yourself. If you have a habit of overthinking and over analyzing the little things in life, meditation can help you to calm your thoughts, look at the positive things in life and just slow down.
Meditation has many benefits: It can increase feelings of peace, happiness and contentment, and can reduce anxiety and depression, can help with insomnia and lots more.

Each meditation session is fully guided and based around a different theme. Some bolsters and yoga mats are provided.

Fortnightly on a Thursday (from 2nd February), 5.30pm - 6.30pm
$15 per session per person or
purchase 6 sessions for $60 (buy 4 and get one free)

Living Light

Living Light

This group meets fortnightly.

Sessions will include exploring who we are, developing intuition, mindset, soul navigation, guided meditations, Q&A sessions, group readings and more.

Fortnightly on a Thursday (from 9th February), 6pm-7.30pm
$15 per session per person

Your guides will be Quartney, a life Coach & Intuitive Healer/Reader and Stacy, an Intuitive Tarot/Oracle reader.

All are welcome, no experience needed!