Standing on the Sea and on the Land

By author - Emanuele Lai

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Standing on the sea and on the land cover

2021 ... Humanity is slowly falling apart, no hope on the horizon, no help ... The dark shadows of a gloomy future are approaching inexorably ... A painful end seems inevitable, and resignation is confused within the ordinary ... But the lord has not abandoned his flock ...

From a land to the east, far, far away, from silence and solitude, unexpectedly ... Almost out of time; a strange possibility presents itself ... So weird it doesn't seem real... An opportunity to regain the dignity that the human race has lost ... An opportunity before it's too late ... Just one ... One extravagant, unique and crazy opportunity ... The last one.

You come across a book ... A small book that talks to you about this possibility and tells you how to put it into practice, how to do it ... At first it seems strange, almost childish, but it is the possibility humanity was waiting for; you have been waiting for it all your life ...

Standing on the sea and on the land Emanuele Lai