Tarot and Oracle Workshops

Tarot For Beginners

Have you ever wanted to learn more about reading Tarot/Oracle? This beginner's course is perfect if you would like to learn the Tarot cards and further develop your intuitive abilities!

We will cover:

- Choosing a deck/getting to know your cards
- Interpreting and discussing all 78 Tarot card
- Basic Tarot spreads to use
- Answering any questions you may have!

2x 2 hour classes
Investment: $160

Advanced Tarot

Advanced Tarot

This course is to learn more in depth about Tarot and Oracle, and everything that is involved with it! It is recommended that you have completed the Beginners Tarot Course first, or already have knowledge of the Tarot cards.

We will cover:
- Learning more in depth how the cards can be interpreted and how different combinations paint different pictures
- More detailed Tarot spreads
- How to use both Tarot & Oracle cards
- The connection between Tarot & Astrology
- Protection and caring for yourself and your cards
- Practice readings - Answering any questions you may have!

Investment: $110
2.5 hour class

Prerequisite: Tarot (Beginners)

Lenormand Oracle

Lenormand Oracle Workshop

If you are not familiar with the Lenormand Oracle, it was a popular fortune telling card system in France and Europe in the 18th century. It is a deck of 36 cards derived from playing cards but with added symbolic images.

The Lenormand Oracle is a completely different system to tarot, but is simple, blunt and straight to the point.

The traditional spread called “The Grand Tableau”, created for the Lenormand Oracle, originally called the “Game of Hope” utilises all 36 cards, which after being shuffled are placed in the 36 houses which represents all areas of life and more.

The system has been adapted for modern times, I have adapted and extended the Grand Tableau to 40 houses, which includes a spiritual element, due to the extended Lenormand deck I use with 4 added cards.

This workshop runs on the last Saturday of every month
From 9.30am - 5pm

Investment $222 (includes workbook and a deck of cards)
(Bring a plate for a shared lunch)