Tarot Workshops

Tarot Circle

New Moon Tarot Circle

New Moon signify a cosmic reset - it's the beginning of a cycle and is the best time for setting intentions and planting new seeds!

Come and join this supportive group every New Moon, where we will:

* Set intentions for the next lunar cycle
* Receive guidance with a collective Tarot reading for the month ahead
* Share experiences & discuss upcoming astrological energies New Moon Meditation

Workshop times: Every New Moon (click on Book Now for dates)

Class length: 1 hour

Investment: $15

Tarot cards

Tarot For Beginners

Have you ever wanted to learn more about reading Tarot/Oracle cards?

This beginners course is perfect if you would like to dive deeper into Tarot, learn more about the cards and what they mean, and further develop your intuitive abilities!

Over 4 classes we will cover:

* Choosing a deck/getting to know your cards
* Discussing all 78 Tarot cards, focusing more in detail on the Major Acana cards and what they each mean
* How to use both Tarot & Oracle cards
* Learning how cards can be interpreted and how different combinations paint different pictures
* Basic Tarot spreads to use
* Developing intuition and how to clearly interpret messages that come through
* The connection between Tarot & Astrology
* Protection and caring for yourself and your cards
* Answering any questions you may have!

Workshop times: Runs over 4 weeks on a Saturday (around Spiritfest dates)
Book Now to find out the dates of the next classes

Investment: $100.00