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Chakra balancing

Aura Photography

The Aura camera is the IES Aura Cloud system, which interprets aura-chakra energy by taking electronic readings of your hand.
Aura imaging software processes the data from the hand reading and translates it into visually-engaging graphs and charts.
With this technology, plus my 6 years of interpreting Aura Photos, the session will highlight what is most important in your life in this moment.
Sessions potentially cover topics such as, your personality type, what your colours mean for you, areas of learning that would assist your growth, and your chakra energy levels.

1 x photo provided at time of session, plus 14 pages of details will be emailed to you.

Animal Connection

Animal Connection & Alignment

Animals have a soul journey, however, it is often forgotten.
By simply being present with your pets/animals, you can become in sync and re connect with them.
When life is busy and hectic it is important to communicate with your pets, keeping them up to date with what is happening in your life, and asking what is happening in theirs.
I facilitate a reconnection between humans and animals with a combination of natural healing and simply being with them. At times they just need some assistance to grow/learn/heal.

If your loved ones are stressed, anxious or just in a funk, these sessions may assist you
- 1 to 1 session (I can make house calls when necessary)
-Workshops: Assisting you to connect and communicate with animals.

Reiki Healing

Karuna Reiki Workshops: All Levels

This is a wonderful gentle modality, which uses ancient Sankrit Symbols in assisting the natural healing and learnings of the body, mind and spirit. It works by harmonizing the mind and emotions. In my experience, Reiki can assist with improved self awareness, deeper relaxation, and an increase in energy.

Karuna reiki Teacher Since 2000